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Visual Display Board

You may be working in an organization or educational institution that requires a board on which you can display important notices or write using a chalk or marker. If such is the case, why not opt for a visual display board from London Displays? We are leaders in large format digital printing and graphic design in the UK, delivering a wide variety of printing solutions such as billboards, brochures, posters, floor graphics, ceiling graphics, building wraps, vehicle wraps, flag wraps, letter heads, business cards and envelopes.

Here at London Displays, our team of web and graphic design professionals give you a visual display board complete with graphics that are eye-catching, simple, easy to read and with a good colour scheme. The design is done as per your requirements and the visual display board is ready within two days. We have a wide selection of visual display boards that you can choose from: marker boards, chalkboards, tack boards, whiteboards, combo boards, bulletin boards, rollaway units, movable demountable partition systems, portable Velcro display boards, horizontal and vertical sliding systems, and display and trophy cases.

Whether you are in need of message boards, special offer signs or presentations, a visual display board from London Displays more than just fits the bill. It is sure to make heads turn when used for exhibitions, events and trade shows. Our varied clientele for visual display boards include museums, offices, cafes, galleries, restaurants and shops.

The team of professionals at London Displays ensures that all visual display boards are strong and safe. Any of several materials like foam core board, pegboard, poster board, corrugated cardboard, paneling or plywood can be used to make a visual display board.  Whatever is the style or design that you wish to see on your visual display board, London Displays assures you nothing short of the best.

If you wish to know more about how London Displays can help you with a Visual Display Board, donít hesitate to contact us by phone at 020 7500 7699 or by e-mail at