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Transparency Scanning

Welcome to London Displays, the leader in low cost large format printing and graphic design in the UK. Presentations for many years have relied on the use of 35 mm slides and overhead transparencies. With the introduction of computer and scanning technology, it's now possible to not only scan existing slides and transparencies, but to incorporate them into on-screen presentations suitable for audiences in offices, conference rooms and auditoria as well as globally via the Web. For transparency scanning you have to get the maximum light on to the scanner's sensors. Then an image of the scanner's lamp has to be reflected directly at them. The lamp moves with the sensor. Placing a transparency off-center beneath the device gives an excellent scan.
London Displays do a lot of work producing promotional materials for it's clients. Often designing great posters or other display materials. We also take on a variety of projects including scanning of slides or transparencies, incorporation of scanned images into Power point or corel presentations slideshows and transfer of slideshows to the Web. The transparency scanning allows to capture 35mm and medium format transparencies at huge resolutions, good enough for the largest poster or magazine spread. A transparency scanning can convert a scanned negative into a positive. We provide transparency scanning for all kind of your promotional activities.

Our turn around time is 48 hours maximum. Our prices start from just 20.00.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your Transparency scanning on 020 7500 7699, email: or fill in the form by clicking here to get a free quote.





Transparency scanning uk,Uk transparency scanning, london Transparency scanning,Transparency scanners