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Promotional Signs

Welcome to London Displays, a leading company in low cost, large format printing and graphic design headquartered in the UK. We offer you high quality and cost effective promotional signs according to your business requirements. Promotional signs are one of the best and efficient media for communication nowadays. Promotional signs speak volubly about your products and services to your customers.

Promotional signs highlight your business names, logos and special items. When designing promotional signs, importance should be given to colour, lettering, size and wording. Promotional signs should always be eye catching so that they continue to remind customers about your products. Promotional signs have a wide variety of applications, and are commonly used in movie rental outlets, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls, stores and so on. Compared to the cost of advertising in other media, promotional signs are inexpensive. 

Since we know the importance of promotional signs, we carefully design, laminate colour and print high quality promotional signs in the prescribed sizes. Promotional signs made by London Displays are long lasting, water resistant and tear resistant. The promotional signs made by us are very attractive, easy to read and ultimately satisfy their purpose.

At London Displays, we fabricate promotional signs at reasonable rates. Allow us a turnaround time of 48 hours maximum. Besides, we have a superior level customer care service.

Call us to find how we can help you with your Promotional Signs on 020 7500 7699 or you can email us at

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