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Do you require high quality photographic prints for your display needs? Then, London Displays is here to meet all your photographic print needs. Based in London, we are a large format digital printing company specializing in art reproduction, exhibition displays and graphic design. We offer high quality photographic printing services for meeting your unique personal and commercial exhibit needs.  

Photographic prints are perfect for displaying your product pictures, and preserving unforgettable shots and artworks. At London Displays, we have the expertise and capabilities to produce a stunning range of photographic prints for home and office interiors, exhibitions, trade shows, point of purchase displays and retail applications. We can provide the highest quality photographic printing services to individual customers, photo labs, museums, galleries, and corporations.

Whatever may be your print size and volume requirements, we can reproduce beautiful, exhibit quality photographic prints from your negatives, transparencies and digital files onto photographic papers. Utilizing the latest technology in photographic digital printing, we can make photographic prints from the smallest sizes up to 50" sized prints of high resolution 4000 dpi.  

Here at London Displays, we use a variety of archival quality paper types to create photographic prints. You can choose from glossy, satin, or matte photo paper, metallic paper and non paper substrates such as vinyl, polypropylene, styrene, PVC and other materials.  

The quality and clarity of our photographic prints are absolutely exceptional so that they easily grab the attention of the people and stand out from your competitors. With our colourful photographic prints in the forms of banners and posters, exhibitors and trade show organizers can easily communicate their exhibition objectives to their targeted audiences.  

You can either send CD-ROMs or upload digital files to our FTP server for your photographic printing needs. We accept almost all types of digital file formats such as TIFF, JPEG, X11 Bitmap, PBM and GIF. 

If you wish to know more about the services we provide for Photographic Prints and other prints, please browse through our website at Contact us at 020 7500 7699 or at

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