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Would you like to conduct an exhibition at Olympia a leading exhibition center in London City - for promoting your product or event? This fantastic exhibition center comprises three huge halls and stands covering an area of four acres. To conduct an event at Olympia exhibition hall is not an easy task. London Displays is ready to deliver outstanding exhibition support services that meet today's technology standards and is dedicated to service and absolute customer satisfaction. Our several years of experience and professional expertise have helped us immensely to overcome difficult situations and provide outstanding services.

The main services offered by London Displays for conducting an exhibition at Olympia exhibition center are interior and exterior design, supply of large format prints, poster and banner printing, modular panel systems, multi panel systems, backlit displays, advertising displays, providing different types of print materials like acrylic print, canvas print, digital prints etc, floor graphics, booth designs, signage for your exhibition, window graphics and displays and related accessories.

Along with these services we also make available letterheads, light boxes, stand designs, newsletters, brochures, backdrops, logo designs, leaflets, reprographics, and banner display systems for your Olympia exhibition. You can entrust us with the installation of all exhibition display systems, making the most of the available space. We also provide some of our employees to assist you while conducting your exhibition. Moreover, you will get maximum prize benefits while using our services.

As a top exhibition services supplier in the UK, London Displays has the best graphics and print advertising possibilities to coordinate various trade shows in Olympia exhibition center for advertising and marketing your products and services.

Our experienced consultants are always ready to assist you throughout the service. If you need any assistance for our Olympia exhibition support services call us at 020 7500 7699 or send an e-email to sales@london-displays.com.