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Negative Scanning

Negative scanning is the process of converting the images in films or slides into print format or digital format with the help of scanners. Searching for a professional firm to submit your negative film scanning assignments? Located in the UK, London Displays, one of the leading negative scanning companies, is committed to preserve and bring back the treasured memories in your negatives into true positive images of your desires.

Working for years in the field of negative scanning, we offer our exhibition services to a number of entities in the UK ranging from small to big companies as well as individuals, amateur photographers, media professionals, artists and so on. We have the capability to print your images from negative slides onto brochures, posters, leaflets, canvas prints, large format digital prints, backlits, backdrops, banner systems, etc.

Have poor quality negatives? No problem, just share them with us, we at London Displays, have the highest spec scanning equipment which can yield high resolution scans from your old negatives. We put together the latest printing technology and techniques to produce optimum printing results in various dimensions and styles from the negatives, which is quite suitable to present at your expos, events, trade shows, trunk shows, meetings, conferences, galleries, museums, homes, offices and various places.

After scanning your slides, we at London Displays, provide special effects to your images with the help of our human ingenuity and powerful software packages available in today’s industry. If you need to store the scanned images in any digital format, then just inform us, we will do it. The price for our negative scans may vary from one project to another depending on various factors.

We are happy to welcome your orders for our Negative Scanning services. Tell us your requirements by contacting 020 7500 7699 or send us an email to For further information, please peruse our website

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