Light Boxes,light box,Light Boxes UK,Light Boxes London,Light Box Diaplys

Light Boxes,light box,Light Boxes UK,Light Boxes London,Light Box Diaplys

Light Boxes

Are you looking for the best light box maker in the United Kingdom? Your search ends with London Displays. Noted as a premium large format digital printing company in the United Kingdom, London Displays also offers excellent light boxes at affordable prices.

London Displays provides you a large range of display light boxes offering you the finest options for your illuminated prints or illuminated signs. And our light boxes find great use in exhibitions, museums, trade shows, restaurants, offices, retail stores, airports, companies and more.

Light boxes available in standard poster sizes of A0, A1, A2, A3, and A4 to suit your needs. Light boxes may be acrylic or aluminum, backlit or edge lit, external or internal, slide in or front loading.

London Displays is equipped with advanced digital technology and professional experts. Our light boxes highlight your business and convey your message effectively to viewers. Moreover, they enhance the atmosphere of your business space. London Displays’ light boxes are available in attractive colors, catchy captions and clear images.

We offer light boxes on the basis of your requirements and fixed with backlit film. Light boxes contribute positively to your exhibition display or trade fair display by increasing the liveliness in the environment. These light boxes are portable and can be moved from one place to another easily. Light boxes illuminate an image for advertising purposes. And these light boxes are widely used for exhibiting photos, and other images and text related to your product or company.

We make sure that our light boxes light up your graphics with maximum light supply, carrying your graphics to life and making attractive displays. These are simple to use and you will get your desired result from our light boxes.

If you want high quality Light Boxes, rely on London Displays. We will process your light box orders within 48 hours. For enquiries call-020 7500 7699, or email: