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uk Large Format Prints,large format printing,large format printing uk,large format printing london

Large Format Prints

Large format prints are a powerful advertising medium because they are visible from a considerable distance, and at the same time the large size text and images stay long in the minds of the viewers. London Displays, a full-service designing and printing company based in London, offers unprecedented quality prints in a wide range of formats. We are at the forefront in the printing industry for years in producing large format commercial as well as artistic prints for presentations, exhibitions, meetings, conferences, symposiums, point of sale applications, homes, business places, etc.

We at London Displays, productively and efficiently handle your small and large volume printing jobs in less than 48 hours of your request. We undertake to create your posters or advertisements in large format for both indoor and outdoor applications. We serve all entities including individuals, artists, private and public advertising agencies, photographers and various organizations with bespoke prints depending on your ideas, requirements and designs.

Large format prints with or without frames are ideal decorative items in your living or working places and they offer a comfortable environment for all age groups. With our latest digital printing technology, we transfer beautiful images and messages onto high quality materials such as vinyl, PVC, studio canvas, heavy duty paper, silk, water resistant paper, glossy paper, lightweight paper and so on without clumping the particles one over another. We have creative talented brains at London Displays to design your large formats from your imagination, as well as from poor quality photographs or digital files of your choice. Our large format prints stay intact and fade resistant for generations since we make use of the industry’s latest ink technology. If required, we enlarge your images to any format of your requirement, maintaining acceptable sharpness of the prints in every way.

When you need our Large Format Prints, just make a call at 020 7500 7699 or forward an email to In order to clear any doubts you may have, you can communicate with our representative who is available online.

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