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Large Format Printing

Welcome to London Displays, the leader in low cost large format printing and graphic design in the UK. Large format printing is an integral part of the full-service value-added printing services. With improvement in quality, speed and price performance and the increase in number of customers and prospects that view signage, posters, hoardings and kiosks as part of the important outdoor media has forced print service providers to assess the need of large format printing. Large-format printing has picked the pace with the introduction of digital technology. The other factors being a market focus on cross-media communications, advances in inkjet technology, significant advances in inks to improve light fastness, permanence and color gamut. The most important reason of all is desire in print service providers to become a one-stop shop for clients, thus driving the world of large-format printing.

Large-format printing has become a critical part of the overall technology mix in London Displays. We have the skill and the capacity to turn your job around quickly and affordably. Papers can be plain, glossy, matte, photo or fine art. There are options for fabric, canvas, vinyl, transparent or translucent film and paperboard also in large format printing. Large-format printing offers significant advantages, driving the need to integrate signage and point-of-purchase.

Our turn around time is 48 hours maximum. Our prices start from just 45 pounds.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you with your Large Format Printing on 020 7500 7699, email: or fill in the form by clicking here to get a free quote.

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