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Image Setters

London Displays, a pioneer digital printing and graphic designing company, offers large format digital printing by using both image setters and CTC plate. We have been offering our valuable printing service in and around the nation for many years now.

An image setter is a drum or flatbed laser output device that can produce very high resolution prints on film or paper. The pages produced by the image setters on film can be further used as a negative to expose a printing plate. Image setters have great importance in the printing industry. London Displays produces excellent quality and attractive prints by using both CTC plate and image setters. Now the image setters are being replaced by digital printing technology. However, these still have some importance in the printing industry.

Some of the advantages of image setters are the following:

  • Image setters are suitable and more flexible for a printer with several different types of presses.

  • They produce eye-catching prints with very high colour resolution.

  • These are cheaper than plate setters of comparable output size and format.

  • Film image setters are less expensive than CTC plate setters.

  • Consumables of film image setters are cheaper as most plate setters use thermal plates which are costlier than conventional plates.

Here at London Displays, you can get exquisite prints produced by image setters. The team of well experienced and knowledgeable professionals at London Displays will give you the best image solutions with our image setters. We have a proven track record and have always succeeded in pleasing our valued customers. Hence we can assure the best service from London Displays. Moreover, our service comes at incredibly moderate pricing.

Call us today itself on 020 7500 7699 to know more about our Image Setters. You can also contact us via email at

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