Illuminated Signs,Illuminated Sign,Iluminated sign manufacturing

Illuminated Signs,Illuminated Sign,Iluminated sign manufacturing

Illuminated Signs

London Displays is a company based in London which focuses on large format digital printing. Our company is one of the leading companies which can provide you with distinct, elegant illuminated signs according to your requirements.

Illuminated signs are those lighted sign boxes which serve to illuminate your business day and night. These signs enable you to impress your customers. You can order back mounting and edge mounting illuminated signs from London Displays. These illuminated signs convey your message clearly to your customers, attracting them to your products and securing increased sales.

Our day and night signs attract not only pedestrians but also the drive-by customers. If you already have an illuminated sign and wish to change it, we are ready to replace or re-letter it and give you a new sign. Illuminated signs from London Displays add a touch of beauty to your shop.

We have highly specialized workers who have innovative ideas of their own. They will serve you as per your suggestions and give you exactly what you want. That is our company’s promise to you. You can contact us for any suggestions regarding colour, size and type. We will do the work within minimum turnaround time, 48 hours at the most and that too, at very moderate prices.

Our routine clients are architects, business people, advertising companies, shopping complexes etc. We can confidently tell you that you will be greatly satisfied with our top class services.

For further enquiries about Illuminated Signs you can call us either on 020 7500 7699 or send emails to