High Resolution Scanning,High Resolution Scanning UK,Document High Resolution Scanning

High Resolution Scanning,High Resolution Scanning UK,Document High Resolution Scanning

High Resolution Scanning

London Displays, the premier large format digital printing and graphic designing company based in the UK, offers the best high resolution scanning services. We have been offering high resolution scanning service to our clients for many years and our experience and expertise have made us prominent among our competitors.

Image resolution is a criterion for measuring the output quality of an image expressed in dots or pixels per inch. There is a strong relationship between the image resolution and the print size of the image. High resolution images have more pixels and hence the size of file will be larger than an image of the same measurement with low resolution. London Displays will scan black and white illustrations, texts, line art drawings at 600 dpi. This will give optimum results to our clients. The quality of images is determined by the bit rate. If the bit rate is higher, the image quality would be better.

We use flat bed scanning, drum scanning, etc., which help us to offer you superior quality and high resolution prints. London Displays exploits new and advanced scanning techniques and this helps us to take the exact copy of your images that looks like the original. Our digital scanners can produce very high resolution images. London Displays also scans your images with the help of advanced flat bed scanners and can print those using ultra violet pigmented inks. Our drum scanners can bring out images sharply and with a high resolution.

Here at London Displays, we have a team of highly experienced and trained scanning experts and image analysts with great knowledge in different scanning processes. They will perform high resolution scanning of your slides, artworks, photographs and many other mediums also. We will copy your image onto a CD-R disc and send it back it to you based on your demand.

Call us immediately if you have any upcoming high resolution scanning project or if you want to know more on our High Resolution Scanning on 020 7500 7699 or just drop an email to us at sales@london-displays.com.