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Framed Canvas

Planning to frame your canvas print or want to buy new framed canvas prints? London Displays, a large format digital printing company based in the UK is an ideal choice. Framed canvas prints are beautiful decorative options and these add charm and elegance to your rooms. These can also be given away as classic gifts to those who love art and artworks.

A typical canvas print is a piece of artwork reproduced straight onto canvas with the help of different printing techniques. It is then fit inside a frame to form an outstanding framed canvas print. A framed canvas is impressive looking and resembles original artwork. We have a wide variety of framed canvas prints from which you can make a personal choice.

The most popular frame sizes from London Displays are 8"x10", 10"x12” and 16"x20". At London Displays, we print and frame excellent images onto the best quality canvas with perfect blending of colours. The newest digital techniques we employ in creating canvas prints can make them almost as fine as an original!

We guarantee that our framed canvas will last long. Our framed canvases are water resistant and completely protected from environmental disturbances. Another advantage of framed canvas is its portability.

Our services are widely used by interior designers, galleries, retailers, professional photographers and artists. Framed canvases are also commonly used in homes, offices, hairdressers, banks, bars and restaurants. Our services are extremely fast and customer friendly. From here, you can purchase your Framed Canvas within your budget.

London Displays’ provides free consultation facility if required. For any assistance from London Displays call us at 020 7500 7699. Use our email address to drop an e-mail.