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Exhibition Panels

Fulfill your exhibition panel needs with London Displays. Based in the UK, London Displays, a professional exhibition equipment supplier, offers a great range of modern architectural design display solutions for all kinds of exhibition grounds. You can purchase not only our display systems but also our printing and designing solutions under one roof.

Configure excellent expos! London Displays serves various customers in all industrial verticals with quality exhibition panels ranging from folding types to flat models – all in lightweight and easy-to-install formats. We have years of hands-on experience in delivering exhibition panels in various materials for various presentations including meetings, symposiums, exhibitions, conferences, product presentations, seminars, trade fairs, road shows and so on.

Create a positive and long lasting impression of your products and services!  Throughout your presentation whether it is short or long term, use our panels in simple and standard models depending on your needs. Keeping customers’ exhibition objectives in mind, we at London Displays produce panel display systems, which capture a wide market for you. Impart a professional look to your shows by erecting our exhibition panel systems either vertically or horizontally according to your choice and needs.

We combine human ingenuity with the latest technology to produce strong structural designs with rich features. Panel prints are printed onto high quality materials such as canvas, vinyl, photo grade paper, heavy weight paper, flossy paper and so on by utilizing museum archival ink technology.

Here at London Displays, we can quickly and cost-effectively deliver you the best quality exhibition panels in various dimensions, colors, shapes and styles. All economical groups can purchase our Exhibition Panels since we offer products at a moderate pricing.

We welcome your comments about our services and products. Communicate your exhibition panel requirements to us via phone: 020 7500 7699 or forward an email message at sales@london-displays.com.

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