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Drum Scanning

If you are looking for high end drum scanning services, then London Displays is your right choice. We are a large format digital printing company offering services and solutions in the areas of high impact digital printing, scanning, pre-press and computer graphics for creating eye catching banners, posters, art prints and so on.

At London Displays, we can offer high resolution, quality drum scanning services at amazingly low rates. Ours is one of the highest quality scanning services available in the high-end printing and scanning market today. With considerable years of experience, we have proven expertise and confidence in handling all types of drum scanning projects.

Here at London Displays, we maintain a separate drum scanning facility, fully equipped with the most modern scanning technologies. We use only high-end drum scanners to create scans from both reflective and transmissive media. Our drum scanning process involves cleaning the film and providing wet mounting to the film to conceal dust and scratches. After the final touch, we will save scans in RGB or CMYK, burn to CD or place onto ZIP disk, as specified by our customers.

By utilizing these capabilities, our scanning experts can produce high quality scans from original transparencies and negatives in different formats such as 35mm, 2.25, 4x5, 8x10 and more. Drum scanners, with their smooth appearance, can scan 8,000 to 11,000 dpi optically, without any interpolation. We also provide certain enhancements such as colour correction for optimum clarity and quality before transforming onto CD ROM or any other media.

The drum scanning services provided by us always ensure accuracy and predictable results. This allows our customers to receive the right output they desire. The beauty of tonal range, the incredible detail and exquisite appearance of scans will truly amaze you. Prices are charged on the basis of size and quantity of images provided for drum scanning. To know more about Drum Scanning services, call 020 7500 7699 or send an email to sales@london-displays.com