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Digital Scanning

Are you searching for a reliable digital scanning service provider in the UK? Well, come to London Displays, a leading large format digital printing and graphic designing company in the UK, specialized in digital scanning.

The arrival of digital cameras has reduced the use of digital scanners to some extent, but digital scanners are very useful when you want to give digital effects or reproduce the old photos you captured with an ordinary camera. London Displays will help you to preserve your priceless photographs, negatives, slides, and artworks for the future generations by using our top quality digital scanning service.

Being a world class service provider, London Displays is highly equipped with all advanced technologies. Our digital scanners are from leading manufacturers. Our scanners provide images of 2400 dpi resolution. We make use of excellent photofinishing software to ensure maximum clarity and effectiveness. You are guaranteed high standard scans of photographs from London Displays.

Here at London Displays, we use world class drum scanners to give outstanding results to our clients. Our dynamic range of digital scanners will help us to offer scans with highlighted details, and smoother colours. Another advantage of our digital scanning is our speed. We can scan a number of your photos and images in a sequence. Hence you can solve your emergency digital scanning needs. We can also add extra effects to your images to personalize them and add to the overall effectiveness.

Our digital scanning bridges the world of digital photography and film. You are allowed to get your digitally scanned images as print or a digital file based on your choice and wants. Our maximum turnaround time is 48 hours. If you are looking for a fast, superior and cost effective digital scanning service in the UK, London Displays is the right option for you.

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