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Thinking of converting the exterior walls of your buildings into spectacular promotional or advertising spaces? Then building wraps are the best choices. These are new modes of advertising that have gained popularity in the advertising and promotional industry recently. London Displays, a top notch large format digital printing company specializing in exhibition displays, graphic designs and art reproductions, offers building wraps for a variety of promotional purposes. We can turn the outer walls of any building into advertising space with our colourful and high impact building wraps.

Building wraps are ultra mammoth outdoor advertising medium that can create a positive and groundbreaking impact on your potential customers. They are highly versatile and can easily capture the attention of everyone passing by and help in strengthening your brand name.

Building wraps, designed and printed at London Displays are extremely durable and stand up against all harsh weather conditions. We can provide our customers total solutions, from initial designing consultation to installation, essential for their building wraps requirements. We have adequate technology and skills to produce building wraps of any size at affordable rates. They are usually printed using durable mesh, vinyl or cloth materials and ultraviolet resistant inks. We have specially trained and experienced installers who can install building wraps meticulously and securely to the structure.

By installing building wraps, you not only strengthen your advertising campaigns but also give protection to the structure from inclement weather.

In order to achieve the total efficiency and maximum impact expected by our customers, we at London Displays are always striving to make building wraps in accordance with their requirements and strict standards. The charges start from £45.00 and may vary according to the size and type of building wraps graphics. The maximum turnaround time is 48 hours. If you need dynamic and high impact Building Wraps, then please contact us at 020 7500 7699 or send an e-mail to with your requirements.