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A backlit sign is the most effective method to advertise your product. Backlits have a unique capacity to attract clients to your products. If your in-store advertisement is not sufficient to draw your consumers, then you need an alternative method. Why not approach London Displays to order suitable backlits? London Displays is a London based company that offers a number of graphic design and printing services throughout the UK and foreign countries.

The advantages of backlit signs are:

  • They build the knowledge of your service and products and thus increase sales
  • Ultra violet inks used for high quality printing ensure fast colours
  • They stand out from conventional advertising mediums
  • No exposed wires - so these are safe to use
  • They inform your customers about future promotions
  • Clip-on system for effortless changing of graphics
  • High resolution photo quality prints
  • Easy installation
  • They stand out from formal signs and are observable day or night
  • Dual -sided displays are available

London Displays prints backlit signs in various sizes and shapes. We utilize the most sophisticated, high-tech computers, equipment and tools to construct your backlit signs. A group of on-site designers provides you absolute customization with an extensive collection of innovative and traditional substrates. If you are seeking backlits for airports, casinos, hotels, arenas, churches, store fronts, conference centers, window displays, shopping malls, or whatever location then London Displays is the source. Colorful and strong images used in backlits give great visual impact for your products.

Backlit display can be used outdoors or indoors, in a retail setting, menu board, tradeshow booth or any light box. For contacting London Display consultants please call 020 7500 7699 or send your e-mails to

Backlits,Backlit,Backlits UK,Backlit UK,Backlits London