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Backlit Displays

Backlit display is one of the methods used in the advertising field to highlight the graphics or message in the display by lighting it up from the rear side. Welcome to London Displays. As a unique printing and graphic design company in the UK, we do our best to give the best results in printing, designing and manufacturing display solutions for various exhibitions at the most competitive pricing in the industry. We at London Displays, specialize in manufacturing backlit displays for indoor and outdoor advertising applications.

Get your product or service noticed! There is strong demand for our backlit displays for a variety of venues such as public places, exhibitions, conferences, offices, tradeshow events, product launches, booths, showrooms, kiosks and more. Our products are a great success in the field of advertising and promotion since they create a positive feeling by easily grabbing the attention of audiences.

Due to its availability in landscape and portrait mode, backlit display can be used for a variety of applications. You can avail of our backlit displays in a number of styles, shapes, sizes and colors as per your taste and liking. Our backlit displays are available in all ranges starting from 50.00.

At London Displays, we execute the entire process quickly and efficiently to print the graphics in landscape as well as portrait mode with the support of the most up-to-date technology and world-class techniques. For spectacular results, we print excellent graphics and messages on to high quality translucent materials using solvent based inkjet systems. With the support of our excellent designer team, we create varying designs so as to draw immediate attention.

Upon your request, our backlit displays are available in various configurations such as double sided, tabletop, wall mount, outdoor, recessed, floor attached all in a wide range of finishes in-built with evenly distributed illumination. These are sealed with weather proof enclosure to protect the graphics for long years from scratching or wear and tear when exposed to varying atmospheric conditions.

Place your orders for our Backlit Displays via phone: 020 7500 7699 or email: Here at London Displays, we will process your request within 48 hours.

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